The Morning After

A backpacker wakes at dawn in a rice paddy field outside Siem Reap, with no knowledge of how he got there, what happened the night before – or where his girlfriend is.

Currently in the Pathways Showcase after being shortlisted in the 2018 Monte Miller Awards.

It made the finals of the 2018 PAGE Awards,  the finals of the Filmmatic Screenplay Awards (Shorts and Drama), the semi-finals of the 2018 WeScreenplay Diverse Voices screenwriting contest, and the quarter-finals of the Fall 2018 Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards.

Leanne has adapted this to a feature script, where it’s the first of several interconnected stories set in Siem Reap, called AMOK. This feature script is already getting to quarter-finals, semis and finals of various screenplay competitions.

Remote Access

When a couple break up, a rash decision by ex-boyfriend Ben to post his frustration online leads to serious consequences for his ex-girlfriend Abby, both online and in real life.

It has been made into a short film, screening in various festivals in 2019, notably the Girl Power Media Summit (where it won best short), and the upcoming Detroit SheTown Film Festival in September.

Leanne has also been working on a dramedy, DIVERSION, about three very different middle-aged women sent to Diversion therapy as an alternative to jail, a sitcom/web series DISBOS, and the feature script AMOK.

In 2020 she participated in Screen Canberra’s TV Accelerator Pod, and developed a new comedy THE DARKEST HOUR GOTHIC EMPORIUM, for which a bible is available to interested producers!