April 2019 News

New York News!

I mentioned last month that Remote Access was having its premiere at the Girl Power Film + Media Showcase – well, we won Best Short! BAM! Double-whammy.

Remote Access is now an Official Selection at the Imagine This Women’s International Film Festival, Nov 9-10, 2019, also in Brooklyn. Top stuff!

The week before the Girl Power summit, I attended the Australians in Film event the Australian Screen Forum, with my co-writer and co-producer Michela Carattini. Not only that, I was selected to pitch my feature film Amok – and I got through to the second round!

I also attended a variety of sessions which are helping me build up a better picture of the industry. One big takeaway is that I really should be pursuing funding for future projects, such as by Screen Australia. Along with actually getting money, you become a more ‘known’ writer/filmmaker/content creator, more likely to get into writing labs such as Sundance etc… and thereby ensuring your next film has a level of exposure that may see it put into top tier film festivals. It was a big surprise to learn that funding can be got from film festivals, while you’re still making or finishing off your film! BUT you have to be a known quantity. Time to work on that.

I was thrilled to meet and network with a load of creative bods, one highlight of which was meeting and chatting with Jacqueline Elaine the Group CEO of the Australian Writers Guild. Another was having a producer come up to me after my pitch to say he’d be interested in talking further about it.

Flying home to Sydney, who should be sitting behind me but aussie actor Dan Wylie! We got chatting as we waited to disembark the plane – as I’d seen him at the Screen Forum as well – and continued through the terminal. What a friendly bloke!

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