March 2019 News

So much has happened since my last news post. The Morning After has just about finished its festival run (& I have to decide whether to just release it online or try for some streaming/syndication).

I’ve adapted the script of The Morning After into a feature film script, Amok, which is a series of interconnected stories set in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Structurally, it’s a bit like Amores Perros, but with shorter stories that overlap and continue with characters from each. I’m being mentored, so it’s early stages yet, and with several more rewrites/drafts to go.

The biggest news right now is that Michela Carattini and I (and a cast of many talented others), have finished our longer 20 minute short, Remote Access – and it has its world premiere on Saturday 23 March in New York City!! Yes, its first public screening will take place at the Girlpower Film + Media Summit and Showcase. Looking forward to hanging with inspiring women from NY and elsewhere, as well as seeing the film up on screen.

And the exciting corollary of that, is that Michela and I will be in New York the week of the Australians In Film Screen Forum on March 19-22, right before our premiere. With talks and panels from aussie and american movers and the shakers in the industry, there’ll be lots of networking to be had.

I’m really looking forward to hearing Jason Blum speak, I must confess (and Shane Brennan). While there are sessions on more high-end financing and deals, there are also sessions on indie financing, and “low budget” /auteur type films. The one on using festivals to finance your film I expect to be particularly eye-opening (and a revelation to newbies/outsiders such as myself).

Sadly, with only a week there, Sunday to Sunday, some things have to give. I’ll only have a day in LA, meaning I don’t get to pore over scripts at the WGA library like I wanted to, let alone catch up with peeps.

In NYC I probs won’t spend much time after the first day in the East Village, as the AIS forum is at the Lincoln Center and I’m staying close to there.  Time to get to know Hell’s Kitchen a bit better though! Last time I was up there, we ran into the Project Runway Allstars on a break from filming. Who knows who I’ll see this time?

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