Writers Room

From my humble beginnings in 2016, doing the Advanced Diploma in Screenwriting for TV at AFTRS, it has taken 2 years to get into a Writers’ Room that is planning a brand new TV series, as a note-taker.

Obviously I cannot discuss details of the show. I am just so grateful to the Australian Writers Guild and Scripted Ink via Pathways to get the opportunity. It’s truly invigorating to be present when amazing writers and showrunners are ‘spitballing’, coming up with ‘what ifs’ and generally riffing off each other.

Alexa Junge, known internationally for ‘Friends’, ‘United States of Tara’ and more, was the consultant – and I get to do a Masterclass in Showrunning with her tomorrow too! (She’s a super lovely lady, btw). This is followed by Shane Brennan and Ellie Beaumont on Thursday – so much to look forward to. I’m an absolute course-whore, and just love taking in new information, soaking it all up like the proverbial sponge (I know! a fresher metaphor is needed).

Letting it be known that I would love to be a note-taker again, should any dear readers be in the midst of planning out their new TV or web series idea 😉

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